this is so gross omfg

my sister came home and told my mom and i that my tc (one of her teachers now) kept calling her by my name on accident. she said he called her my name all day. so yah i’m in a really good mood cause hey he remembers who i am and i have at least crossed his mind.

i was actually getting up the nerve to go talk to/say hi to my old tc (my little sister goes to my old high school now and was staying after school) and right as my mom and i were leaving to get her my older disaster came and i had to stay home and watch her kid. v mad.




What’s wrong with it

this punk parked in his space and the one abobe it like i would know why he did it if it was the one BESIDE him but it was the one above like THAT DID NOTHING FO5R YOU MAYBE A VERY EASY OUT SO YOU DONT HAVE TOBACK UP BUT REALLY???? REALLY NOW